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Fresh Natural Bamboo Ibox Xc For 2017

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The best wireless speaker system in a brand new color!


Nothing sounds better.


We have traveled all over the world and tested all the high end compact and portable speaker systems available. Nothing sounds as clean as our iBox XC. Nothing even came close to the quality and sheer power of our flagship system and our customer reviews reflect that.


This might be because no other manufacturer is using 3/4” solid bamboo meticulously hand crafted cabinets, or because of our great 6.5” kevlar/softdome coaxial divers. Or maybe our ultra transparent and powerful 200Watts High Res Tripath amps. Or our brand new incredibly powerful ultra high capacity battery packs. Or just because we don’t use any digital signal processing and strictly use analog passive filters with audiophile capacitors and thick, pure copper air coils. Maybe its everything combined and finely tuned to work in perfect harmony that makes our products stand out this much.

So for 2017 we added this beautiful light and fresh natural bamboo cabinet to the selection. This type of bamboo has micropores that increase the sound dampening qualities of the cabinet and give it a great clean sound. 
The minimalist design will fit perfectly in any living room, office, kitchen, bedroom. It is also one of our lightest XC’s together with the caramel bamboo edition, ready to be taken anywhere, to the garden for a bbq, to the beach, boat or even on a trip. 
We also upgraded the battery packs. The standard pack will last up to 18 hours and our biggest most powerful pack will last up to 55 hours on a single charge.

All order shipped this year will have these new battery packs.